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The Group Experience

SKU: DRB 055


A child’s ability to process information in a group setting is crucial to their long-term educational and social development. The Group Experience, based on the principles of applied behavior analysis, is a clear and structured guided curriculum that helps educators and therapists transition their students from one-on-one learning to group learning. It includes the Early Intervention Checklist, which establishes key milestones and target goals for learners as they advance.

Ideal for educators, therapists, and parentsThe Group Experience is the perfect roadmap for helping children advance from one-on-one instruction to group learning:

  • Builds essential skills in social awareness, language and conversation, critical thinking, and more
  • Includes a comprehensive list of age-appropriate milestones, sample schedules, and data tracking sections
  • Provides guidance on how to complete assessments and prepare curricula
  • Spans 10 modules that advance as the child’s abilities grow
  • Modules are designed to help learners build upon mastered skills while still incorporating new lessons
  • Data tracking sections allow you to easily measure a child’s progress over time and across a range of skills


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