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Building Auditory Direction Skills

SKU: DRB 482
This book provides reproducible language lessons in following simple auditory directions, using multiple vocabulary words, such as: "point to," "draw," "put," "circle," "color," "count," "touch," "clap," and the conditional word "if." This is the most basic auditory direction workbook as each student worksheet contains only one image and each of the 10 Instructor's Questions pertain only to that picture. Examples of instructor's questions include "Point to something you wear on your head"; "draw an 'x' on a striped piece of clothing"; color the girl's pants the color of an apple". This is part of a series of workbooks designed to meet the needs of students who are ready for more academic-based skills but still need a little extra guidance.

60 pages, recommended for mainstream Pre K-2nd Grade, by Jean Gilliam DeGaetano with illustrations by Kevin N. Newman.