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Function Wheels Kit

SKU: DRK 888

Function Wheels is an easy-to-use system for responding to aberrant behavior in the classroom. Each of the classroom behavior management tools in this kit guides users through the process of identifying, recording, and managing problem behaviors quickly and efficiently..

The robust Guide to Behavioral Interventions provides research-based treatments for the management of behavior related to Attention, Escape, Tangible, and Automatic functions. Users can access step-by-step guidance on what to do when confronted with specific behavior situations. 
All of this is made accessible through the User Guide which describes how to use the Function Wheels system, step-by-step. The Function Wheels Kit includes:

  • User Guide
  • Function Wheel
  • 5-pack Student Screening Sheets
  • Intervention Wheels
  • Guide to Behavioral Interventions
This kit was created by Keith Amerson, MSEd in partnership with Different Roads to Learning.