ARP: Assessment & Record of Progress Manual

ARP: Assessment & Record of Progress Manual

DRB 144
The ARP Manual (The Assessment and Record of Progress Manual) is the complete assessment and record for thousands of skills and is designed to accompany the Essential for Living: Professional Practitioner's Handbook. The ARP allows instructors, speech-language pathologists, behavior analysts, care providers, and parents to record the performance of individual learners on assessments, and to then track their subsequent progress on any of the skills covered in Essential for Living, along with any problem behaviors that have been assessed and for which a program has begun.

The ARP covers the following Domains: Requests and Related Listener Responses; Listener Responses, Names, and Descriptions; Answers to Questions and Conversations; Daily Living and Related Skills; Functional and Academic Skills; Tolerating Skills and Eggshells; and Tool Skills and Component Skills.

Those looking for scoring manual for the eight essential skills only should purchase the EARP instead.

One manual is required for each student.

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