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Roll With It: The Game That Helps You Cope

SKU: DRG 056

Designed by psychologists.

Roll With It is the unique game that teaches kids how to handle big feelings. Perfect for children ages 5 and up, the Roll With It game encourages kids to practice skills to better handle anger, boredom, fear, and sadness.

Roll the colorful dice and play the associated mini game: Frozen Copycat (Blue, Sadness), Group Fun (Green, Boredom), Hot Potato (Red, Anger), or You Won't Believe What Happened (Yellow, Anxiety). These 4 simple games teach 24 coping skills that help kids:

  • Identify their emotions
  • Increase their emotional intelligence
  • Learn coping strategies for problems big and small

Each coping skills dice game can be played in under 10 minutes so kids stay engaged, and the soft fabric dice are perfect for young learners.