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Instructional Placement Checklist: Classroom Placement Checklist for ASD Learners

SKU: DRE 041
*This product is available exclusively as a digital download*

This printable and editable checklist, authored by two BCBAs, provides objective data-driven advice for selecting the best classroom placement for students receiving special education services. Frequently, placement choices are made with limited data, resulting in over- or under-supporting students in the classroom.

This checklist provides data to help determine in which settings the student can successfully access learning at the time of scoring, and helps identify any skill deficits requiring intervention. Scoring is simple- enter the values for the intended target, and use the score generated at the end to guide placement decisions. If interventions are targeted to enhance group learning skills, scores on the checklist should change across time. Developed in a pre-school setting, this checklist is appropriate for grade-school placements as well.

Keep this handy for IEP recommendations and insurance documentation. The checklist is already in editable PDF form, allowing for easy printing.

Format: PDF

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