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Play Idea Curriculum Digital Download

SKU: DRE 036

by Stephanny Freeman, PhD, Kristen Hayashida, EdM, BCBA, & Tanya Paparella, PhD

Digital Download/Ebook: Downloads immediately to your device.

Learning symbolic play is a crucial step in any child’s development. For children on the spectrum, learning play can sometimes prove challenging.

This innovative curriculum provides a step-by-step guideline for teaching children with ASD to play - all in one place!

Evidence-based intervention

Practical and easy to follow, it’s based on years of research that breaks learning pretend play into 14 levels. Clear instruction and easy, executable ideas help children play with toys at home.

Easy-to-follow play idea guide

These sheets are easy to use while playing with students. Use the suggested play activities, or create new ones based upon the ideas from the cards. We’ve based the activities on commonly owned toys so they are easy to implement.

Key features

  • A clear instruction guide developed by experts in the field of ASD
  • 14 step developmental play scale that works for any child with any language capability
  • Simple play ideas using toys already in the home or the classroom!
  • 100+ ideas for how to play with your child
  • An outdoor option for every level so you can take play outside!