MotivAider Gen 5

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MotivAider Gen 5

DRT 382

The Fifth Generation MotivAider® is the latest version of the ingeniously simple device that for over three decades has been helping people of all ages worldwide stay focused and make desired changes in their own behavior and habits.

Making a Good Thing Better

Invented by a clinical psychologist, the MotivAider was designed from scratch to enable people to make desired changes in their own behavior and habits. Implementing a proven no-nonsense method of facilitating behavior change, the MotivAider uses an automatically-repeated private vibration signal to keep its user's mind focused on doing what it takes to achieve a chosen behavioral objective or goal.

Everything about the MotivAider, including the special high-wobble vibration signal that users have described as "as private as a thought," has been painstakingly designed — and continuously improved — to maximize the MotivAider's effectiveness.

Dr. Steve Levinson, Inventor of the MotivAider"We've stuck like glue to our original purpose, which is to create and perfect a way for people of all ages to easily change their own behavior and habits. We put everything we've learned in over thirty years into making the Gen5 MotivAider the ultimate tool for people who are serious about changing their own behavior and habits."

—Dr. Steve Levinson, Inventor of the MotivAider

Like previous MotivAiders, the Gen5 MotivAider comes preset to operate in a simple manner that — right out of the box — will enable most users to achieve excellent results. But with advanced features and capabilities that go beyond those of the classic MotivAider, the instrument-quality Gen5 MotivAider is ready to meet the needs of a range of users including:

  • Individuals who are eager to change their own behavior and habits
  • Professionals engaged in helping others make important behavioral changes
  • Researchers and others who require a sophisticated and versatile tool that can reliably prompt monitoring and/or interventions

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