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Esenciales para la Vida

SKU: DRB 141

Essentials for Living is now in Spanish!

Esenciales para la Vida is a functional skills curriculum, assessment, and skill tracking instrument for students with moderate-to-severe disabilities, including, but not limited to autism. It is especially useful for learners with limited communication repertoires, minimal daily living skills, or severe problem behavior. It is both an assessment and a curriculum.  This instrument is also used to develop appropriate IEP goals, and objectives for individual education or support plans and to track skill acquisition and problem behavior.

This Professional Practitioner's Handbook is designed to be used in conjunction with one of two manuals that record the Assessment and Record of Progress (sold separately). The EARP (Essential Assessment and Record of Progress for the Essential Eight Skills and Problem Behavior) is a 26-page manual that focuses on the eight critical skills that all learners will need as adults, whereas the ARP Manual (The Assessment and Record of Progress Manual) is the complete assessment and record for thousands of skills that are part of everyday living, including the eight essential skills. Users wishing to complete a full assessment should purchase the ARP.

By Patrick McGreevy, Troy Fry, and Colleen Cornwall