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ASAT New Parent Packet

Different Roads To Learning is thrilled to share ASAT's New Parent Packet, released in January of 2021. This free download offers parents whose children have been recently diagnosed with autism a primer on ASD as well as advice on finding and financing the correct treatment for your child. For more information on ASAT, please visit their website at www.asatonline.org


"For 2021, ASAT has introduced a practical guide for parents of a child just diagnosed with autism. Parent members of ASAT have a profound understanding of the weight of a diagnosis on the family and the urgency to find appropriate treatment. As parents, we have all been told by well-meaning professionals that early intervention is key, yet the journey to find appropriate early intervention seems, at first glance, overwhelming and confusing. To ease this enormous burden, our New Parent Packet provides five steps that every new parent can take to efficiently find an appropriate treatment for their child irrespective of country or region. This New Parent Packet is short and to the point; for parents who want to do more research, we have embedded carefully chosen links to use to gain further information when desired. Please share this New Parent Packet with anyone who would benefit from a no-nonsense entry into the world of science-based autism treatment."

 -Sabrina Freeman, PhD