What Do You Do With It?

What Do You Do With It?

DRC 562

What Do You Do With it? invites children to speculate about the uses for the everyday objects shown. The photographic objects contain relatable images such as a toothbrush, piano, towel, alarm clock, keys, and ice cream scoop. With prompts on the back of each card, children will be encouraged to share their own experiences to further expressive language skills. What Do You Do With It? helps improve conversation skills critical thinking skills in addition to social skills and sorting. Learning to respond to "what" and "where" questions is the foundation of conversation and expressive language. These flashcards can be used to teach sequencing, storytelling and logical thinking for a wide range of ability levels. 

Each deck contains 54 3"x5" cards, a resource guide containing helpful prompts, questioning strategies, and suggested lesson ideas.

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