Watch Me Learn Vol. 3: School Days

Watch Me Learn Vol. 3: School Days

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Join the Watch Me Learn kids as they get ready for the day, packing a backpack, tying shoes and zipping up coats. The fun begins at the bus stop playing football. Once everyone gets on, the "Buckle Up" song teaches kids how cool it is to be safe. Once at school, the kids show us how to greet the teacher, unpack and start the day with the pledge. We follow them through jobs, centers, circle time, story time, speech class and show and tell. Recess and gym model how to be active with kickball and an obstacle course, while in art, kids learn how to cut, glue, trace and follow verbal directions. The day comes to an end at home, when the kids show their artwork to Mom and begin their homework.
DVD, 30 minutes.

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