Watch Me Learn Vol. 1: A New Beginning

Watch Me Learn Vol. 1: A New Beginning

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Watch Me Learn is an excellent DVD that is designed to teach children skills through play, peer socialization, and everyday life situations. The video aims to model appropriate actions and behaviors in social situations, beginning with very basic skills that build a strong foundation for learning. Skills are taught relying on methodical Applied Behavior Analysis and Verbal Behavior techniques. Using this fun and engaging visual tool, the child learns to develop imitation skills, attention skills, social skills, and academic skills. This video covers greetings, object identification, verb identification, social questions, one step command, gross motor imitation, fine motor imitation, oral motor, appropriate play, commenting, requesting, gaining attention, eye contact, receptive color identification, pretend play, choice making, turn taking, self-help skills, attributes, gestures, pointing, shape identification, and receptive body parts identification. 
DVD Only. 22 minutes.

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