Unstuck and On Target!

Unstuck and On Target!

DRB 129
For students with autism spectrum disorders, problems with flexibility and goal-directed behavior can be a major obstacle to success in school and in life. This robust classroom-based curriculum book will help educators and service providers teach these executive function skills to high-functioning students with autism through ready-to-use lessons that promote cognitive and behavioral flexibility. This curriculum gives clear instructions, materials lists, modifications for each lesson, and intervention tips to reinforce lessons throughout the school day. Topics touched upon include flexibility vocabulary, coping strategies, setting goals, and flexibility in friendship, all introduced and reinforced with evidence-based lessons. The guide comes with an accompanying CD-ROM that contains printable game cards, student worksheets, and other materials for each lesson. The curriculum is targeted for students with cognitive ability and language skills ages 8-11.

Paperback, 231 pages, by Lynn Cannon, Lauren Kenworthy, Katie C. Alexander, Monica Adler Werner, and Laura Anthony.
Software operating requirements: Windows 95+ and up, Mac OS 8.6 and up

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