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Speaker's Box

DRC 671
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Ideal for auditory and visual learners, Speaker's Box helps strengthen oral language skills in whole class or small group settings, as well as in one-on-one instruction. Students reach into the box, choose a color-coded prompt card and then start chatting. There are four color-coded categories included:
  • What's Happening Here?/What Comes Next? has the students talk about what is going on in the picture or what might happen next.
  • Step by Step has students look at the picture and correlating question on the back to give detailed directions on how to do something.
  • Would You Rather? presents questions that students answer with a personal statement based on the first thing that comes to mind.
  • Things You Like Best also asks students questions about their preferences and to explain why.
The set includes 86 2.5" square write & wipe cards (14 blank for customization) in a nifty storage box. Recommended ages 6 and up.

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