Functional Behavior Assessment for People with Autism

Functional Behavior Assessment for People with Autism

DRB 063
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It's not unusual for people with Autism to exhibit challenging behaviors including noncompliance, aggression, and repetitive actions that interfere with daily life. This guide describes functional behavior assessment (FBA), a strategy that parents and professionals can use to identify the factors contributing to the problem behavior. For example, a child with social skills deficits inappropriately seeks attention by hitting classmates. An FBA helps to determine what purpose the behavior serves for the individual and the specific circumstances that led to learning the behavior in the first place. Later on, the assessment is used to develop an intervention plan to help the individual unlearn the behavior. This book provides step-by-step explanations, forms, and case studies make it easy for parents and professionals to decide which challenging behavior to address, measure behavior, establish a baseline, begin a plan for an intervention and troubleshoot it.
Soft Cover, 150 pages, by Beth A. Glasberg, PhD, BCBA

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