Developing Alert Listening Skills

Developing Alert Listening Skills

DRB 484
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Delightful activities enhance alert listening and accurate processing when subjects quickly change or are seemingly unrelated. The lessons develop the student's ability to separate a command or direction from an information statement and to remember an oral statement long enough to act on it. Topics covered include Food, Animals, School, Outdoors, Toys and many more. Questions on accompanying worksheets include "All of these things are good to eat and good for you. Circle the two that grow on trees" and "Find a vegetable that grows underground. Color it orange" and many more.

This is part of a series of workbooks designed to meet the needs of students who are ready for more academic-based skills but still need a little extra guidance. All the books contain a series of reproducible worksheets for students that are accompanied by highly detailed instructor's notes on how to implement each activity. They contain auditory directions to be read aloud to students, directing them on how to proceed, making these user-friendly books a vital part of your child's academic program, both at home and at school.

84 pages, recommended for mainstream PreK-3rd Grade.

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