AngelSense is the ONLY GPS and voice-monitoring solution specifically designed to safeguard individuals with special needs. It is the only monitoring device that delivers instantaneous notifications (to parents, police dispatch and other guardians) within minutes after the child departs safe & known locations. AngelSense's continuous and immediate 'eyes and ears' will keep your child safe at all times, in all locations. (The listening-in feature can be remotely controlled & disabled as needed.) With unmatched reliability and accuracy, we are now proud to be serving thousands of safer and happier families in the U.S.

Safety for Children, Peace of Mind for Parents. Guaranteed.

The Guardian Kit, which contains a GPS device, embedded SIM card, customized wearables and a parent key, is included in the cost of your Service Plan.

Monthly Service Plans are available for $39.99 a month or annually at $399.99 a year (A Savings of $80!).

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