The ABA Graphing CD

The ABA Graphing CD

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ABA, Discrete Trials Teaching, Verbal Behavior Analysis, Natural Environment Teaching, and Incidental Teaching Programs share one necessary common feature: Data collection and analysis. The process of translating collected data to interpretable, organized, meaningful visual displays is a daunting, time consuming task for behavior analysts, parents, and teachers. Now you can save time while making professional behavioral graphs with the ABA Graphing CD. It contains a preformatted Excel™ spreadsheet for 30 ABA programs; a detailed step-by-step guide describing and showing screen shots of every mouse point, click, and text entry to create professional, organized, and interpretable ABA graphs; a daily Data Sheet; Monthly Data Sheet; and ASAP™ Preference Assessment Form.

The preformatted spreadsheet allows you to enter data for up to 30 different ABA programs. Entered data automatically updates an individualized graph for that program and instantly produces high quality behavioral graphs. Each program is preformatted for three different steps.

Win/Mac Compatible. Native in Excel 2003.

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