PECS Beginners Pack

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PECS Beginners Pack

DRP 949
The PECS System is an augmentative communication training system developed for use with individuals with communicative disorders. People using PECS give a picture of a desired item to a communicative partner in exchange for that item. By doing so, the individual initiates a communicative act for a concrete outcome within a social context. This PECS Beginners Pack communication book provides everything you need to get a Picture Exchange Program up and running. The PECS Training Manual with Data Forms CD outlines the program and how to implement it. The Large PECS Communication Notebook, along with the Book Strap, will coordinate your picture exchange. The current Pics for PECS CD with over 2,600 images is included which features animals, body parts, foods, emotions, toys, places, and more. Finally, we've included the Large and Small Visual Reinforcement Cards, along with the Help, Wait and Break Cards, so that you can provide students with a visual reminder of potential reinforcers available to keep them on task and focused on the lesson at hand.
Note: The Large PECS Notebook measures 9.25" x 10"

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