Teaching Vocal Manding (Requesting)

Teaching Vocal Manding (Requesting)

DRD 480
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This DVD explores manding and how to teach Verbal Behavior in the natural environment.
This volume demonstrates how to teach your child to request items, first by using many prompts and then fading them systematically, so that your child learns to ask for things independently and spontaneously. The chapters include Natural Environment Teaching, with clear explanations of what does and what does not fall under this category and how to teach mands in the natural environment; Teaching the First Vocal Mands; and Guidelines for Teaching the First Mands. Each type of mand is explicitly defined and clearly demonstrated as you learn how to teach them to your students. The DVD is loaded with video examples of actual children learning each type of mand, as it provides important guidelines for teaching the mand, prompt fading strategies, strategies for problem solving, and how to make manding easy and fun for your child.
DVD, approximately 1 hour.

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