Interactive Language Skills

Interactive Language Skills

DRB 486
These activities are geared towards enhancing communication within a group. The 140 interactive language skills activities provide the opportunity for each student to hear the teacher's questions, to associate the questions to pictures, and then either verbally answer or listen to responses of other students. Questions to the associated worksheets include "What is the boy doing? What is he hanging his coat on? Do you wear a coat in the summer or the winter? If it is a rainy day, what kind of coat will he wear?" and so on. Recommended for mainstream PreK-2nd Grade.

This is part of a series of workbooks designed to meet the needs of students who are ready for more academic-based skills but still need a little extra guidance. Every book focuses on a particular skill set that is critical to higher learning. All the books contain a series of reproducible worksheets for students that are accompanied by highly detailed instructor's notes on how to implement each activity.
By Jean Gilliam DeGaetano with illustrations by Kevin N. Newman.

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