The Social Skills Picture Book

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The Social Skills Picture Book

DRB 010
A great resource, this photographic picture book depicts children demonstrating various social skills which are broken down into concrete steps. The first part of the book looks at the importance of visual aides in teaching children with autism. Different methods of teaching social skills are outlined, explaining initial instruction, review and generalization of skills. The bulk of the book is Part Two, which presents photos with dialogue bubbles, representing the right way and the wrong way of behaving in social settings. Situations include: Greetings; Listening; Interrupting; Starting and Maintaining a Conversation; Introducing Yourself; Asking to Play; Turn Taking; Sharing; Keeping Calm; Accepting No for an Answer; Dealing with Mistakes; Compromising; and Trying When its Hard, among others.
Soft Cover, 197 pages, by Dr. Jed E. Baker

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