Teachtown Social Skills: Vol. 1: Following Rules

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Teachtown Social Skills: Vol. 1: Following Rules

DRB 879

Teach socially valid skills with this animated video modeling-based social skills curriculum. Accompanying each target social skill (theme) is a 2 to 3 minute animated episode that focuses on that target social skill. Each skill is then further developed through a series of lesson plans, including methods for differentiating instruction, generalization activities, and homework assignments. Each of the 10 themes includes daily lesson plans, bonus activities, worksheets, fold-able comic books, homework assignments, and data collection sheets.

Following Rules covers the following 10 Themes: Wait to Speak Until Called Upon, Follow Fire Drill Instructions, Raise Your Hand Before Speaking Out, Use a Quiet Voice Inside, Be Still and Quiet in Line, Ask Before Interrupting Play, Listen When the Teacher Talks, Play By the Rules, Sit When the Teacher Says, and Use Lunchtime Manners.

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