Teaching the Basics of Theory of Mind

Teaching the Basics of Theory of Mind

DRB 099
Using principles from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, this evidence-based curriculum for teaching the basics of Theory of Mind to children with autism or related social challenges contains lesson plans, activity ideas, worksheets, reproducible flashcards, and reinforcement activities for use at home. This curriculum is designed to enhance social understanding in children who demonstrate challenges with the prerequisite skills, leading to successful social relationships and situations. Includes 42 unlabeled Feelings Photo Cards (Student's set), 42 labeled Feelings Photo Cards (Instructor's set), 28 Feelings Word Cards, 8 Follow the Eye Picture Cards, 12 Riddle Cards, 4 Picture Clue Cards, 8 "As If" Cards, 7 Point of View Prompt Cards, and 9 Me vs. We Cards.

Spiral bound, 143 pages. By Kirstina Ordetx, PhD

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