Self & Match (Now includes access to digital forms!)

Self & Match (Now includes access to digital forms!)

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The Self & Match System is a self-monitoring and motivational system that is firmly grounded in principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). This behavioral intervention encourages a collaborative approach to promoting systematic behavioral success for children & young adults using self-monitoring with a match component. Self & Match has been implemented internationally across a variety of such as: special and general education, home, camp, clinic, public schools, private schools, parochial schools, post-secondary education, & sports programs. Self & Match can be incorporated into individualized behavior systems, class-wide, & school-wide management procedures as a part of SWPBIS. Systematic planning before beginning an intervention makes a world of difference & is a fundamental element of the Self & Match system. Each system is individually developed using a comprehensive considerations guide; that is included in this manual. Self & Match is an inexpensive, data-based, & interactive intervention.

The 6th edition of The Self & Match System: Systematic Use of Self-Monitoring as a Behavior Intervention, with a lay-flat spiral binding, is comprised of all the materials necessary to guide practitioners &/or parents in the development and implementation of creating individualized Self & Match systems. Included in this manual is an introduction that provides a review of the literature supporting self-monitoring, Considerations Prior to Implementation Guide, 20 sample Self & Match forms, 5 reproducible Self & Match forms, & an assortment of supplemental materials.

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