RE-vibe (Small)

RE-vibe (Small)

DRT 200
RE-vibe is an amazingly simple tool that keeps users focused and on task using vibration reminders. Re-vibe is designed to work well in school, at home, or in the office. It is child, teacher, and grown-up friendly.

It has 4 settings to ensure on-task behavior:
1. Mode 1 is for Mild Daydreaming/Off-Task Behavior- it is subtle and less frequent in it's vibration pattern.
2. Mode 2 is for Moderate Daydreaming/Off-Task Behavior, and is strong and moderately frequent in it's reminders.
3. Mode 3 is strong and very frequent for Significant Day Dreaming/Off-Task Behavior.
4. To ease homework battles, there is a Homework/Study mode to help remind users when to take a break, and when to get back to work.

Re-vibe uses a proprietary algorithm to determine when to send a vibration, and how it should feel when it's delivered. Patent-pending software varies outputs to mitigate the habituation (i.e. the tendency to get used to something) that users wearing the same device for extended period often experience.
Includes RE-vibe in carbon black, wall charger, micro-USB charging cable and programming tools. Small size fits wrists 11.5-14.5 cm in diameter.

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