The ABA Language Cards - Early Language Manipulatives

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The ABA Language Cards - Early Language Manipulatives

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This comprehensive kit contains 2,000 flashcards which have been expressly created to address the materials required for an early intervention ABA program at an incredible value. The cards are organized to cover a multitude of targets, including many for generalization purposes. The categories cover: Actions, Animals, Emotions, Shapes, Associations, Body Parts, Patterns, Numbers, and many more. For those teaching in the Verbal Behavior method, there are cards sorted by feature and function. There are also cards for Identical/Non-Identical Matching & Sorting, and Receptive & Expressive Object Labels. In addition to the flashcards, it also comes with a set of 3-D items to foster 2-D to 3-D matching skills. The manipulatives and toys include a set of animals, food, and blocks, for use with and without the card set for matching, sorting, non-identical match, and imaginative play.

The manipulatives include 16 plastic animals, 24 pieces of play food, and 50 wooden blocks. Small parts, not for children under 3 years old.

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